KarinJorga Life Science Consulting

The heart and the brain of the company is Karin Jorga, PhD, a passionate drug developer with more than 20 years experience in drug development of small and large molecules across all therapeutic areas.

The focus of her international experience has been on transitioning pre-clinical lead molecules to Clinical Proof-of-Concept and advancing novel biomarkers to drive Personalized Healthcare. She has a substantial scientific track record in Clinical Pharmacology and a unique set of expertise that includes the usage of Biomarkers and application of Computer Models to overcome drug development hurdles and drive scientifically sound decision making.

One of her strengths is the ability to synthesize complexity into a logical framework with distinct ideas. She knows how to quickly establish scientific and personal credibility and can inspire people to join forces. Over the years she has established a proven track record of building and communicating compelling visions and well-defined strategies for successful implementation.

KarinJorga Life Science Consulting was founded in 2014 in Basel with the ambition to develop scientific innovations into medicines for tomorrow.