About Karin Jorga

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My passion in life is to make a difference and to do things differently. During my rich career at F. Hoffmann-La Roche AG in Switzerland and the US, I have always been inspired by new ideas and led a variety of different teams, groups and departments to find new and better ways to bring innovative medicines to patients faster.

Over the past decade, Pharma Research and Early Development up to Clinical Proof-of-Concept has shifted more and more outside of big industry and towards smaller companies funded by Life Science Venture Capital. Today this is where the “music plays” for true innovation and I am very energized by the immense potential that is powered by people with great ideas and the determination to be successful. In my interactions I noticed that great ideas for innovative medicines can fail unnecessarily because critical success factors that determine the drugability of a molecule are insufficiently addressed. I saw that I can use my significant knowledge, based on hundreds of early stage drug programs, and apply it to increase the chances of success so that significant investments pay off rapidly and innovative drugs get to the market and can make a tangible difference in patients’ lives.

With KarinJorga Life Science Consulting I am taking my ambition to make a difference and to do things differently to the next level. I partner with Venture Capital firms, Incubator Foundations and Business Accelerators to identify the most promising scientific innovations to support and fund. Beyond that I work directly with life science entrepreneurs on the design and implementation of leading-edge drug development strategies to demonstrate the true potential of their innovative idea as quickly as possible.