What we do for Investors

Our work with investors is aimed at risk reduction for investments in early development assets. We provide a thorough Opportunity/Risk Assessment pressure testing key assumptions and addressing questions that are critical for the investment decision. We can further increase the chances of success by working with the portfolio companies on their fast-track early development strategy (see also “What we do for Biotech Teams”).

Evaluation & Analysis

Opportunity/Risk Assessment

Are there any show stoppers that prevent the lead molecule to be successfully developed (eg. unusual biodistribution, potential for drug-drug interactions, excessive variability etc.)?

Has the asset the chance to reach the target organ/tissue at sufficient concentrations to reach a meaningful effect?

Can the lead molecule be given safely at the expected therapeutic dose/dosing regimen  in humans?

Are there biomarkers that could be considered to support the development phase or lead to Personalized Medicine?

What additional experiments could be considered to reduce the risk of the investment decision?

What additional experiments are essential to reach the next key milestone and increase the confidence in the investment?

Are all aspects that are critical for a BIG Pharma partner considered?

Strategy & Design

Design of fast-track Early Development Strategy

Deliver key information for stakeholders and investors and unlock the full potential of the lead molecule.

Set foundation for the successful registration and marketing of the new medicine.

Balance information, time and cost of the development activities in accordance with the Opportunity/ Risk Profile of the asset.

Use contemporary methods (adaptive designs, biomarker strategies, computer models, trial simulations) to increase data value, accelerate development and drive rational decision making.